Health Care Reform Timeline

2010 –New Coverage Options
• Health care tax credit for small employers
• Children covered to age 26
• High-risk pools

2011 –New Taxes
• Medicare tax rate increases 0.9% for higher-income taxpayers
• New 3.8% tax on unearned income for higher-income taxpayers

2011 –Medicare Changes
• Part D
• Medicare Supplement
• Medicare Advantage

2014–Exchanges and Subsidies
• State Health Insurance Exchanges
• Premium subsidies for individuals with incomes below $47K (based on CBO estimate for 2016)

2014–Individual and Employer Coverage Requirements
• Employers with more than 50 employees
• Individuals who can find workplace, exchange, or other policies that cost less than 8% of their income

With the recent elections, we’ll have to watch and see what happens in the meantime, there is new legislation, which goes by the name Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

There are two main pieces of Health Care Reform
• One piece aims to make health coverage nearly universal by requiring employers to provide insurance and requiring individuals to buy it (tax credits & subsidies help pay for it).

• Part two tries to make Medicare, a popular and effective, but expensive, program that serving people 65 and older, more efficient.


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